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Beastmode and Wasserman Sign Top 2021 Nfl Draft Prospect Najee Harris

LOS ANGELES (January 19, 2021) – Beastmode Marketing has signed top 2021 NFL Draft prospect Najee Harris, RB from the University of Alabama. Beastmode Marketing founded by Marshawn Lynch, Bryon Sheng, and Kevin Parker will represent Harris in his off-the-field efforts and Wasserman football agents Doug Hendrickson and CJ LaBoy will represent Harris on the field.

The 6-foot-2, 230-pounder from Antioch, California is the Crimson Tide’s all-time leader for total touchdowns in a career with 54 (44 rushing, 10 receiving). He’s also Alabama’s career leader for rushing scores with 44, surpassing the previous record of 42 by Mark Ingram and Derrick Henry. 

Najee is no secret game changer, the moment he steps on the field the game is changed. His athleticism has made him by far the most explosive, diverse running back to play under Saban at Alabama. Off the field, Najee is inspired by the greatest athletes, he looks up to athlete Megan Rapinoe for "what she does outside of sports" and called her willingness to stand up for what she believes in"inspirational." Najee is a one-of-a-kind player, his ability to change the run game and his personality and passion to uplift his team is unmatched.  

Hendrickson, long-time agent of NFL Legend Marshawn Lynch for the past 15 years, has partnered with his client to support what could be the most exciting running back since, well Lynch. Lynch is known for what he’s accomplished as an NFL player, but he’s building a business empire while continuing to give back to his community. Lynch sees the Marketing agency as another way of creating and sharing the lessons he’s learned on and off the field with the next generation of athletes. Lynch will work side by side with Hendrickson to represent Harris’ off-the-field efforts. Beastmode Marketing, spearheaded by Lynch and business partners, Bryon Sheng and Kevin Parker.

Lynch, stated the reason why he can’t wait to start working with Harris, “A lot of the time when you’re in position to come into success, especially when you’re from the Bay, we often feel like there’s nobody out there that understands what we are going through or feeling. I’ve always wanted my experiences from the top to the bottom, from winning the Super Bowl to the dumb-ish that kept me from suiting up, to not just be learning lessons for me but others. I wasn’t in the position to help manage some of the family I have in the league before but I’m going to do the same for Najee that I’d do for any of them, kick him the game I’ve learned on that field, help him get right off it and make plans to be the best of OUR abilities, mine and his.”

“I look forward to working with Marshawn and build on Najee’s success to help him reach his potential as a football player, and become an impactful leader in the business world. Having a front row seat to Marshawn’s career, and now evolving our relationship to working together to help support the next generation of NFL stars is an honor, and speaks to the sense of ‘family’ in how we do business.”, said Hendrickson.

About Beastmode Marketing

Beastmode Marketing, based in Oakland, CA, is a marketing management agency founded by Marshawn Lynch, Bryon Sheng and Kevin Parker. Beastmode Marketing currently represents the marketing efforts for Lynch, Josh Johnson, Marcus Peters, and Najee Harris. Beastmode is rooted in building brands through authenticity and creativity at the direction of its athletes. For more information please visit or follow us on Instagram and Twitter at @BeastModeMktg.

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